Five survivors of the USS Houston (CA-30) were honored in a Veterans Day Sunset Ceremony on the fantail of the battleship Missouri, to salute our nation’s present and former military personnel.

     With the theme “We remember the sacrifices of our veterans,” the ceremony saluted all United States veterans who have and continue to selflessly defend our nation and freedom.

     James D. Hornfischer gave the keynote speech to a gathering of more than 200 people.

USS Houston Survivors Honored on USS Missouri for Veterans Day

USS Houston survivors Harry Kelley, Jack Feliz, John Bartz, David Flynn, and Howard Brooks. Ms. Val Poss (at right). James D. Hornfischer (rear).

The Wall Street Journal on Neptune’s Inferno
“Extremely readable, comprehensive and thoroughly researched.... Mr. Hornfischer’s focus in Neptune’s Inferno is the interplay of character and personality with technology and military doctrine. The result is both analytical and entertaining.”

Revisiting Samuel Eliot Morison's Landmark History

Why the famous Ivy-League-historian-turned-Navy-admiral’s eyewitness accounts of World War II in the Pacific won't likely be surpassed.

Hornfischer discusses Neptune’s Inferno, at the 2012 Colby Military Writers Symposium, held at Norwich University. [run time 53 minutes]

Listen to an interview with Hornfischer on the U.S. Naval Institute’s “Midrats” webcast [run time 62:38].

U.S. Navy selects Neptune’s Inferno and The Last Stand
of the Tin Can Sailors for the Navy’s Professional Reading List, 
as announced by Admiral Jonathan Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations.


Wreck of USS Houston authenticated by Navy divers

The U.S. Navy’s recognition of a 72-year-old war grave began when an Australian scuba diver plucked a bent trumpet from 120 feet below the Sea of Java.

‘Weekend Edition’: The Harrowing Last Days of USS Houston

The Navy has confirmed that a wreck in the Java Sea is that of the USS Houston, which sank in 1942. NPR’s Scott Simon speaks to Jim Hornfischer.


U.S. Naval Academy History Conference:

The Story of Commander Ernest E. Evans

The heroism of captain of the destroyer USS Johnston

(DD-557) in the Battle off Samar captivated an audience

of 900 Annapolis midshipmen.  WATCH